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Baltimore, MD — Art Project PLASE, found on 3549 Old Frederick Road in West Baltimore, is an old school house owned by the non-profit organization Project PLASE. Currently, it is the site of a set of pop-up art exhibitions featuring international artists that work primarily in installation based art. The newest exhibition, Some Assembly Required, investigates the interior space of this old schoolhouse through the distinct vision of two emerging artists Seon Young Park (Mount Royal, MICA 2015) and Doo-hyun Yoon (Mount Royal, MICA 2016). Some Assembly Required seeks to bring individuals together into this place, once a public school, and now a site in transition, to experience artworks that look to alter and interrupt the environments they reside.

Each artist’s work investigates inhabitable structures, though on very different scales. Through manipulation of physical constructs like clothing and architecture, or more conceptual ideas of time and collaboration, Park and Yoon find ways to draw new awareness to the places they work. Materials for the exhibit are primarily found on site — recycling contextual histories of the objects found in the space into new content. Through use of textiles, wood, and other found materials — Some Assembly Required presents delicate interruptions that invite curiosity and newfound awareness regarding the rooms of the schoolhouse. Their installations transform the place, once left in the past, to focus on newfound experience and the present.

Project PLASE is an organization whose mission is to help those who are homeless, or in some other serious life-transition, find the resources get to a better place. The building was formerly Bernadine’s Catholic School, which closed in June 2010. Project PLASE then purchased and currently manages the site. Curator Yeim Bae worked with partners last spring to transform it into a temporary exhibition space for her MFA thesis project at Maryland Institute College of Art, titled Project 837. After the site’s life as an art venue, Project PLASE intends to renovate it, transforming the building into housing and support center for homeless citizens. They are currently raising funds to support the renovation.

Some Assembly Required opens to the public October 26th and will run through November 30th. Visiting hours are by appointment ( Please contact curators for more information regarding the project.

Co-curators | Yeim Bae – & Christopher Beer –

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